Training   - its fun!

Please Note:  Due to an unprecedented demand for Driver Training, we have had to impose a requirement that you must have completed two (2) trips with the club prior to participating in a driver training day.

Driver training happens on every trip!   Trip Leaders are always available to give information and teach by example. Each time you go out you will learn something new about the track, your truck or your driving technique. The Trip Leader and other club members will always be prepared to pitch in and help sort out your issues or give advice. You’ll never stop learning about 4WDing. 

The Club also runs Driver Training Days.  You can join the Club before you do the Training Day, but participation in trips rated "Shiny 4x4" and above requires the completion of Driver Training. 

The Training Day is a full day 4WDing trip with basic instruction on how to do it safely. We can’t teach you everything in one day but we will endeavour to make sure you can go uphill, downhill across hills and through water safely in control of your vehicle. We’ll go through the theory of how a 4wd vehicle works and how you can make it work in your favour and what to do when you get stuck. We’ll show you some tools you’ll need to make 4wd life easy and some tools you’ll have to have with you on every 4wd trip, and how to stow it all safely in the truck. If you are joining the Club, get your Membership Form signed off by the Trip Leader at the end of the day.

The Training Day trip fee is currently set at $90. This includes: the cost of training materials, land access and visitor fees and the non-refundable club joining fee.  If you have already joined the Club the fee is $20.  To book or enquire about the next training day contact

From time to time the club also organises training days for members to become: Trip Leaders, use chainsaws, do first aid, operate winches, use fire extinguishers and perform advanced vehicle recoveries. These are not mandatory courses but reflect the membership’s interest in 4WDing and commitment to safety.

Club Training Manual:

The club has a "Training Manual" that is sent to all training participants prior to them attending a training day. As this document contains a lot of general information regarding 4wding, 4wd vehicles etc a copy is available below for anyone interested.