New Zealand is a beautiful country and the Wellington Region has some spectacular scenery and members of the club are privileged to be able to access many areas not easily accessible by members of the general public.

It is the policy of the club to give back to the community where it can and to help maintain and where possible improve our environment for the enjoyment of all.

To this end the Cross Country Vehicle Club is involved in a number of community activities including (but not only):

Predator Trapping in Te Kopahau Reserve.

CCVC service a number predator traps in the Te Kopahau Reserve which is on the Wellington South West Coast above Red Rocks and also an number of traps on the coastline itself under a Memorandum of understanding between Wellington City Council, Capital Kiwi and the club.

This project is part of a much larger city wide project to reduce predator numbers to a level that eventually allows the reintroduction of Kiwi to Wellington City.

See the following link to Capital Kiwi's Facebook page:

The following is a link to a video showing CCVC's initial distribution of the traps we service:

Dominion Post 11 April 2020

Wellington South Coast Beach Cleanup

For the last 19 years (as at 2019) the club has been undertaking an annual collection of rubbish from the beaches around the South West coastline of Wellington the area stretching from Owhero Bay through Devils Gate (Sinclair Head) and around as far as the Karori Lighthouse.

This is undertaken in association with and supported by Wellington City Council.

From the Wellington City Council FaceBook posting of 4th November 2020

Ever wanted to give back to your community and natural environment?

There are some amazing volunteer groups in P┼Źneke who do everything from pest control to beach clean-ups to restoration.

Pictured are the team from Wellington Cross Country Vehicle Club who held their 20th annual beach clean-up on Saturday.

Wellington South Coast Dune Planting

For some 10 plus years the club has been assisting Wellington City Council by transporting and planting WCC raised plants in the dunes around the Wellington South Coast as part of the council's dune stabilisation and rejuvenation program.

The areas involved are the waste areas between the coastal track and the cliffs from Owhiro Bay to Sinclair head and an area further around the coastline commonly known as the "Fry-pan" 

Over the years many thousands of plants have been planted by the club.

Wellington City Council Events

Over the years the club has answered many requests from the Wellington City Council to provide transport for various groups to areas of the city not accessible by anything other than 4wd vehicles.

This is an ongoing part of the clubs relationship with Wellington City Council.

Greater Wellington Regional Council Summer Program

For many years the club has been running events as part of the Greater Wellington Regional Council Summer Events program.

Especially popular are the "Sunset" trips which take members of the public on a 4wd trip over GWRC land ending at a viewing point where they can watch the sun set. 

The club has also run tag-a-long events and passenger only events in the Akatarawa forest, have taken passengers to the top of Mt Climie and for trips to the Bearing Head lighthouse in the East Harbour Regional Park.

Terewhiti Station beaches.

The club has on a number of occasions conducted beach cleanup events on Terewhiti Station on the Wellington South Coast. The beaches on this property are remote and can only be accessed via farm tracks and the use of 4wd vehicles. One of these beaches (known to many as "Plastic Bay") is the collection point for any rubbish deposited in the ocean on the West Coast north of Wellington. It often contains a large amount of lost and discarded nets, pots and other sundry debris from commercial fishing vessels.

Sundry Community Activities.

The club regularly receives requests to provide 4wd transport for various groups and societies  to help members of the community to access and enjoy our beautiful country and whenever possible the club is only too happy to assist.