Membership Application

Every person wishing to become a member of CCVC is required to complete a "Application for Membership" form.

These forms can be obtained from any Trip Leader (ask them to bring one along when booking on your first trip), through an email to or by downloading the following:

Application Form Version 2 June 2024.pdf

The form is in three sections however only section one "Membership Application" need be completed prior to applying for membership. The other sections can be completed at any time, either prior to or following obtaining membership of the club.

You need to have completed Driver Training and have the vehicle inspected before you can attend trips in a category harder than those rated as "Touring" or "Family Shiny".

Membership Application - this section of the form is used to provide your personal details required to record membership and to provide a record of the three (3)  CCVC trips (of the "Touring" or "Family Shiny" classes) that need to be completed prior to membership being granted. 

The form can then be scanned and forwarded to the club (details are on the form).

When forwarding your application for for acceptance by the club please do not forward any money as an invoice will be generated at the time your membership is accepted. Payment of this invoice will complete the membership process.

Your membership application will then be taken to the monthly Club Committee meeting for consideration, the outcome of which will be advised to you as soon as practical after the meeting.

The decision of the Club Committee to accept or reject an application for membership is final and binding.

The following sections can be completed either prior to or following obtaining membership of the club.

Driver Training Record - this should be completed on completion of a CCVC Training Day (these are regularly scheduled - see our web site in the Trips and Events section for details.

Vehicle Inspection Record - this will be completed by a CCVC vehicle inspector.  You should get your vehicle suitably equipped and book an inspection time with an Inspector.

    When you have completed either of the last two sections please scan and e-mail (or post) the form to the clubs Membership Officer at the address shown on the form so this can be updated in your records.