Joining from another Club

CCVC recognises that as a member of another 4 Wheel Drive Club you have already gained experience in driving your vehicle off road and we therefore make allowances for this in our requirements for joining the club by waiving the “Qualifying Trip” portion of the membership procedures.

The joining procedure for members of other 4 Wheel Drive clubs is as follows.

  • The club must be one recognised by CCVC, typically one affiliated to the NZ 4WD association.
  • You need to obtain written advice from that club, acceptable to the Club Committee, that you are/were a responsible member of that club and have demonstrated a competent level of off road driving ability.
  • Complete an “Application for Membership“ form (the introductory trips are not required).
  • Return the form to the club membership officer (details on the form).

Your application to join will then be considered by the club committee along with all other applications for membership.

You will be invoiced for the relevant CCVC & NZFWDA (if not already a member) fees which must be paid prior to membership being completed.

You should get your vehicle checked by a CCVC Vehicle Inspector (and get an inspection sticker) to enable participation in trips rated "Shiny 4x4" and above. 

While not compulsory, it is recommended that you also attend a CCVC Driver Training Day to familiarise yourself with CCVC requirements and procedures. 

Note: The decision of the Club Committee to accept or reject an application for membership is final and binding.