Vehicle Requirements

Non Members are only able to participate in trips with a category of "Touring" or "Family Shiny".

"Touring" Category trips:

These trips are intended for the SUV type vehicle and must have All Wheel Drive (AWD) or Four Wheel Drive (4wd) and a reasonable ground clearance as trips will mainly traverse unsealed back roads.

"Family Shiny" Category trips:

These trips mainly traverse Forestry or Farm tracks  and so a more robust and capable vehicle is required to those suitable for "Touring" Category trips.

The 4wd vehicle you use for these trips must have a low range gearbox but not be a 4wd car, station wagon (e.g. Subaru Legacy) or a 4wd van as these vehicles are not suitable for the tracks that the club uses.

Vehicle Equipment (see also Summary below)

Non Members:

As a non club member you are not required to carry any special equipment. All you need to attend a trip is your vehicle, your lunch and snacks, suitable clothing (wet weather gear etc) any medicines you require and a willingness to come out with us and have a good time.

CCVC Members:

As a club member participation in Club Trips rated  "Shiny 4x4" and above requires members vehicles to have the following: 

  • Front and rear tow hooks or approved vehicle recovery points
  • Shovel
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First-aid kit
  • Basic tool kit
  • Tow rope
  • Roll bar for all open / soft top vehicles
  • Spare tyre and tyre changing equipment

If these items are not present in a club members vehicle at the beginning of a trip, the trip leader has the authority to exclude them from the trip. Details are set out in the club's Vehicle Safety and Equipment Inspection document.

All member vehicles going on club trips "Shiny 4x4" and above, must display a current club vehicle inspection sticker. "No sticker no trip" Trip Leaders have NO discretion in this matter and must turn away vehicles that do not display a CURRENT Inspection sticker.

Members must have also completed a Driver Training Day.

Summary of Equipment Requirements:

Tow Hooks and Vehicle Recovery Points - Members Vehicles

The club has found that tow hooks and Vehicle Recovery Points are essential equipment for our trips and all members are required to have vehicles fitted to our specifications.  The use of other means for attaching strops etc to a vehicle does not meet our requirements as they can constitute a safety hazard.    See also......

CCVC-SAFETY-0001 Introduction to snatch recoveries 050803.pdf

CCVC-SAFETY-0002 Minimum Standards for TowHook Mounting 050803.pdf

CCVC-SAFETY-0003 Specification For Recovery Hooks 050803.pdf

CCVC-SAFETY-0006 Safety Policy Vehicle Recovery Points 27 Sept 2017.pdf

Vehicle Inspectors - Members Vehicles

Our vehicle inspectors are club members who have generously agreed to undertake club vehicle inspections on a voluntary basis. When you have  have obtained all the necessary equipment (either prior to or after joining the club), please ring one of our vehicle inspectors and request an appointment.

It is really important to remember that the vehicle inspectors are busy working for their company and are doing club inspections as a favour, so please be considerate and courteous when booking and when you turn up with your vehicle - time is money to them so expect paying customers to be served first.

The vehicle inspector will ensure that your vehicle has all the equipment that the club has decided is necessary for every club vehicle. Details of the requirements and the Clubs Vehicle Inspectors can be seen on the Membership Application Form, available from Trip Leaders and downloadable from this site.